Announcing Kii’s Game Developer Contest “Kii to Unity” – Win $10K & Global Distribution for Your New Game!

We’re Kii (, a mobile backend, distribution, analytics platform and Unity online service partner with a new Game Cloud service. As part of Game Cloud’s launch, we’re challenging Unity developers working on a new mobile game to add Game Cloud features into it, and compete to win $10,000, along with distribution in the world’s largest and highest monetized mobile markets: China and Japan.

Basic Rules and Submission Process

  • Entrants must submit 3-5 minute gameplay video showing off core gameplay in a public YouTube link which includes the name of game and the text “for Kii to Unity Game Contest” in the video title. Alternatively, you can submit the link to your game to us for review (use your choice of tools e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, website)
  • In the video’s and/or game’s “About” section, include short description of game and how the entry will use Game Cloud features. Also must include this text and link: “Follow contest results on Twitter “@kiicorp”.
  • Email YouTube video and/or game link to Kii at In the email, be sure to include your full name and Twitter account (if any).
  • First round deadline: Submit YouTube gameplay video and/or your game by end of May 16, 2014 (Pacific time).
  • Game must not yet be published on Apple or Google Play or Amazon before the commencement of the contest — January 28, 2014.
  • After being notified by Kii on May 17, the 10 selected Finalists must submit a fully playable build, if you have not already done so, to Kii + Unity for judging by May 21, 2014.
  • Finalist entries must include Kii Game Cloud features linked to at least one gameplay element. (For example, player score and player log-in. See this Kii blog post and this tutorial for advice and resources on using Kii services in your Unity game.)
  • All entrants retain full ownership of their submission, but must allow Kii to feature their games, game artwork and logos on Kii and Unity sites, social networks, and promotional materials.
  • Entries must be “PG-13” (no explicit violence or sexual elements).

Judging Process, Award Info, and Submission Advice

  • Judges will be comprised of game development experts, including developers at Kii, Unity, and the author of Game Design Secrets (Wiley).
  • Judges will consider factors including design, usability, total number of users, likes on the demo video – so please promote your game and video with your fans and fellow developers!
  • Contest submission concludes May 16, 2014. Finalists will be notified by May 28, 2014.
  • In addition to cash award, winner will be promoted by Kii at a future gaming conference, in announcement to the game development media, and via social media channels.

So start now free with Kii Game Cloud and enter to win $10,000. Here is a tutorial on how to get started.

Questions about the contest, or Game Cloud? Please feel free to post them in Comments, or find me on Twitter @cjbeauchamp.